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Kindrochaid ewe lambs for sale 2014
Kindrochaid ewe lambs for sale 2014


Each breeder sets their own price for their animals, but prices may be as the following:

Icelandic Ewes.................... £ 220.00 - 350.00

Ewe Lambs........................ £ 120.00 - 200.00

Rams............................... £ 250.00 - 400.00

Ram Lambs....................... £ 150.00 - 250.00


If you are interested in buying pedigree Icelandic sheep, make sure the sheep are already registered with the group, feel free to contact us to verify anything or in case they are this year's lambs and not registered yet.

Carreg Flock  dispersal
Sheep to go 2018 asap

2008: CARREG Frida (polled) last lambed 2016 very good fleece. White. HONORWOOD
Harold / SOLVA Lukka

2007: CARREG Olla (polled) last lambed 2012 good fleece and very nice colour. Dark
Ginger. HONORWOOD Harold / SOLVA Lukka

2005: SOLVA Ingrid (polled) still has a good fleece. Ginger. Isambard/ SOLVA

2004: SOLVA Lukka (horned) a very old dear with bags of personality! One horn fallen
off, one deteriorating. Poor fleece. Moorit. Isambard/Stjarna Hildsdottir

2016: CARREG Frederick (horned) A bit smaller than Felix but still good to go! Moorit /
white. EPIK Ludvik / CARREG Frida

2013: CARREG Felix (horned) A big boy still in excellent shape! Moorit / white. EPIK
Ludvik/ CARREG Frida

2012: CARREG Bersi (horned) Horns are very short (originally registered as polled)
Light Grey. EPIK Ludvik / CARREG Frida

2007: Thor (horned) Good looking old boy. Needs a quiet retirement
Cookie (horned) Not sure how he’s still going but makes nice company for Thor 

Contact: 01547 510 002

Brachmont Flock

2016 Ram lambs of various colours (six in total) for sale in Aberdeenshire.

Phone 0772 454 6962 for information. Any viewing welcome. Prices by negotiation once you’ve seen and liked them!

There are up to date photos on our website: Brachmont.co.uk.

Chaora Dubh Flock

Various aged ewes, gimmers, hogs ands proven tups, happty to set you up with a starter flock. See detail on breeders page. email, sheepandmore@gmail.com or drop us a line through the ISBOBI Facebook page. 

 Cuddys Hall Flock                                                                                                                                 

We have 3 ram lambs for sale from this years breeding. Contact: 01697748505 

Dewsnaps Flock                                                                                     

Ewe lambs, ram lambs and proven rams for sale. Contact: Sally 07952 741 640 or sally.williams@dewsnaps.co.uk

Epik Flock

Various horned Icelandic sheep for sale - black and moorit, (all carry moorit gene) - solid and mouflon patterns. Raw fleece, sheepskins, sheep for sale.                         Contact: rhian.epik@gmail.com

Hadian Flock

Ewe lambs and Ram lambs for sale.  Also a couple of breeding ewes and a breeding ram.  Various colours.  Contact mir.hadian@yahoo.co.uk, Tel: 01267 275910

Honorwood Flock

Rams, ewes, and ram and ewe lambs for sale. Also fleece, yarns and garments from Icelandic wool. More details on our website www.honorwoodflocks.co.uk
Contact: info@honorwoodflocks.co.uk

Kindrochaid Flock                                                                                                                      

Good ewe lambs and rams for sale. See my breeder pages for more photos. We have wedder lambs and wedder hogs for sale with lots of good wool colours for spinning or for rugs. See photos                     Contact: ericbignal@cali.co.uk

Letham Flock

Ewe lambs for sale, ready end August.  Contact Linda Stewart on  07779 658 190 or via email lstewart663@btinternet.com 

 Moonstone Flock

For sale:  Rams and ram lambs.  Ewe lambs (please check availability). 
Spun wool for weaving and knitting. Woven, knitted and felted items for sale.
 Contact: k.lockwood826@btinternet.com

Spring Cottage Flock

A selection of beautiful ewes. 




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