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The Dewsnaps Flock

At Dewsnaps Farm, on the slopes of South Head of Kinder Scout in the Derbyshire Peak District, I breed my Icelandic sheep for their range of colours and patterns which vary from white through greys to black, and from palest beige through mid browns to darkest chocolate.

I have their fleeces spun by an artisan mill to produce soft, light and warm yarns in the natural colours of the fleeces in different thicknesses - 4 ply, double knit and aran. 

As well as selling the yarns, I design a range of accessories, garments and homeware made from these yarns and highlighted with others I have naturally plant dyed.

The unique double layer of the Icelandic sheep fleece means that it is superb to work with, whether knitted, crocheted or felted.

In choosing the colours, I try to mirror the harmony of the colours of the surrounding landscape. I grow many from plants here at Dewsnaps Farm, to achieve a rich palette of seasonal colours which reflect the very special character of the Peak District. 

To see more about my yarns, knitted and felted products, follow the link to www.dewsnapswoollens.co.uk

The sheep thrive outside on pasture all year round. Icelandics are intelligent and become tame very easily. All my sheep are bucket trained - making handling them very easy.


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Sally Williams, Dewsnaps Farm, Chinley,High Peak SK23 6AW
Tel: 01663 751175 or 07952 741 640
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